Skagen, Denmark

denmark skaagen

I unfortunately did not get to visit this place during my time in Denmark. Though it looks like my kind of place. Reminds me of all those foreign SBS movies. Ones that I watch.

Essentially this postcard depicts the Branch.


The Linc, Philadelphia

eagles stadium

Ive recently come to the conclusion that I require a seachange. or at least a break, holiday.. or basically to get away. Ive always wanted to complete my Scandinavian journey first before I embarked on another continent. But with time, I have changed. I would like to discover the wide breadth of the US.

What I liked about this card is that its a sporting venue. whatever city I visit, I get to a stadium, oval, game etc. that’s where societies people go to relax.

This particular stadium is in Philadelphia. the city not known for homing the worlds first computer. and was once the capital of the US.

anyone else know any awesome facts about the city?

Barcelona 1992

barcelona 1992

My obsession with anything Olympiad began with the 1992 Barcelona games. This is my earliest memory of sitting down in front of the tv to watch the Opening ceremony and memorising the theme song ‘amigos para siempre’ by sarah brightman and jose carreras. And discovering tha Spain existed.

I didn’t discover handball until perhaps 20 years later. and that winter Olympics existed prior to 2002.

though I didn’t make it to Sydney 2000, and by all accounts it was the most successful of all, I vow to get to one. Perhaps not the Brazil in 2016 though.. we’ll see how they handle the world cup this year before we make any rash decisions.



I don’t know much about Romania, apart from Ceausescu and his misguided view on being a president. Im sure the country rocks, in its own way. Because no country wants to be the same.

This is what I dug up:

1: Groundbear Day, where its kind of similar to Groundhog Day. The bears behaviour dictates whether spring breaks through or winter dredges on.

2. Romania is the ninth largest wine producer in the world

3. Bucharest is  known for being home to thousands of stray dogs.


finland shore

Last year I ticked off an item from my bucket list. partially. I got to Scandinavia. I got to Sweden, Denmark and Norway. I missed out on Finland. Due to time and money = lack of.

So I have surrounded my self with all things Finnish to increase my vibe of me getting there.

Though im not sure where the image exactly comes from, which coastline it is, but I would assume its near the Aland Islands. And im hoping someone Finnish out there can correct me.

So in the mean time, before I get there, I leave you with these words: Ei voi odottaa!



Due to my Tim Tam and milk upbringing, I had no idea where Rajasthan was. When I saw the camels, I assumed it was north Africa (due to my time in Tunisia) but then there would be some Arabic script.

This is where Wiki came into help.

It is located in the north-west part of the Cricket loving nation of India. And the camels come into the picture in the Thar Desert